So you're planning a family photo session.

One of the most popular questions I’m asked is, “What do I wear to the photoshoot? Do you have any tips?”

And while we all have our own personal styles and aesthetics, there are a few basic rules of thumb you’ll want to follow while you’re planning and coordinating your family’s outfits. Let me detail them below.

Choose your outfit before your kids.

There are a million cute outfits for your children out there, but I dare you to think of yourself first! Choose an outfit that makes you feel confident and then base the rest of the ensembles off of yours.

If your session is in a colder month, dress warm!

If you’re worried about the temperature at your session, start adding layers. Long sleeved undershirts, gloves, mittens, scarves, vests, a cute jacket — these are all great additions to your outfit when it might be chilly outside. Dressing warm is also a good way to get the most out of your session, as the session might have to end early if your child is shivering or too cold to go on!

Dress to flatter.

Some fabrics tend to cling — avoid those! Some outfits gape under the arm — avoid those too! You want to wear something that you’re fully comfortable in before you show up for photos. Maybe that means wearing your new outfit to dinner one night, or around the house to get a good feel for how it moves. You don’t want to spend your photo session adjusting your outfit because it makes you uncomfortable!

If your photoshoot involves young children, I recommend avoiding a shorter dress because you will spend more time crouching and moving with them. In that case, opt for a longer dress.

Avoid neons.

Neons cast color-shades onto your skin, and that can be difficult or impossible to edit out. Bright reds can also cast color, so choose wisely.

Avoid direct color-matching, and opt for complimentary colors instead.

Trying to match the exact shade of burgundy can be difficult, and the same goes for other popular colors like navy, khaki, and even black. Instead of matching everyone in one color, try utilizing complimentary colors instead— colors that go well together.

Choose small patterns.

Big patterns can be distracting, and the goal of this is not to highlight what you’re wearing, but to highlight YOU. Choose small patterns (like ditsy florals, etc) in your outfits. If you and a child choose to wear a pattern, make sure to balance that out with your husband or another child in a solid.

Skip the logos.

Keep your outfit simple and clean, because your photoshoot is much more about feeling and less about style. The focus is on your family, not on logos, which tend to draw the eye away from the face.